Goobers: Battle Obstacle Arena

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Do you have what it takes? Battle it out with up to 64 players competing online to finish first in a variety of obstacle courses and mini games. Run, dive, climb, do whatever you need to do to get the gold!
Mild Cartoon Violence
Battle Royale
chain Games
ios & android

About Go-Go Glover

Unleash the power of the glove in “Go-Go Glover” an exhilarating endless runner adventure set in the charming, whimsical world of the Crystal kingdom. In this immersive game, players journey through a vibrant overworld filled with whimsical landscapes, amusing characters, and thrilling challenges to save the Crystal Kingdom.

Dynamic Overworld: Explore a diverse, interactive overworld, bursting with vibrant colors and vivid imagination. Journey through the Patchwork Plains, navigate the Tangled Forest of Threads, and finally reach the majestic Crystal Castle, home to the legendary Spindle. Each environment is unique, filled with unexpected obstacles and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

Multiple Boss Fights: Brace yourself for thrilling boss encounters! From The Big Minotaur in the Crystal Kingdom to Mr. Scissors in the Patchwork Plains, every boss presents a unique challenge that tests your reflexes and strategic skills. Defeat them to progress in your quest and to earn valuable rewards!

Funny Characters to Meet: The Glover universe is populated by a cast of quirky, endearing characters. Engage with the ever-tangled Mr. Hat, the grumpy yet mighty Bovva, and the wise, mystical Wizard. Their colorful personalities and humorous dialogues add charm and depth to your journey.

In “Go-Go Glover” every run brings a new adventure. With its combination of fast-paced gameplay, charming narrative, and rich, interactive environments, it’s a delightful escapade that both fans of the original Glover N64 and newcomers alike will love. Gear up and get ready for a glove-tastic journey!