Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions about Chain Games and our decentralized web3 gaming network
What is blockchain technology in the context of skill-based gaming?
Blockchain in skill-based gaming is a technology that enables transparent, verifiable, and secure transactions. This can include betting transactions, game outcomes, player statistics, and other relevant information.
How can blockchain ensure fair gaming?
By utilizing smart contracts and decentralized systems, blockchain can ensure the fairness of games. This can prevent cheating or manipulation by making all transactions transparent and permanent on the blockchain.
What is a smart contract in the context of skill-based wager gaming?
A smart contract is an agreement between players or between a player and the game that is automatically enforced by the blockchain. It could determine the rules of the game, payout structures, or handle dispute resolution.
Can blockchain enhance player privacy in skill-based wager gaming?
Blockchain can potentially enhance player privacy by encrypting personal information and making transactions pseudonymous. However, the level of privacy depends on the design of the blockchain system.
How does blockchain deal with cheating or manipulation in skill-based wager gaming?
Blockchain’s transparency and immutability can prevent cheating or manipulation in games. Once information is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be altered, making it harder for players to cheat or manipulate game outcomes.