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Chain Games is a Web3 gaming company that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It provides a decentralized gaming platform where players can participate in skill-based competitions, earn rewards, and have true ownership of in-game assets
The Chain Games Eco-System

The Core of Chain Games

Play to Earn

CHAIN tokens serve multiple utilities in the Chain Games ecosystem, especially with the integration of Polygon SuperNets.

Primarily used as an in-game currency, these tokens allow players to enter lobbies enriching user gameplay. Beyond this, the tokens gain additional layers of utility through SuperNets. CHAIN token holders can stake their assets to participate in network validation and governance.

Furthermore, the tokens are required for entry into certain skill-based games, creating a seamless token economy that rewards player engagement and contribution. The SuperNets integration amplifies these utilities, enhancing the platform’s security, scalability, and overall user experience.

Developer SDKs

CHAIN employs a multi-layered methodology to create an inclusive tooling ecosystem for skill-based gaming.

The approach begins with a comprehensive needs assessment to identify developers’ challenges. This informs the framework’s modular design, simplifying complex functionalities like blockchain interactions and game mechanics.

Detailed documentation and tutorials provide further guidance, while a dedicated community space facilitates peer-to-peer support. Feedback loops are integrated for iterative improvement, ensuring the ecosystem remains adaptive and user-focused.

Staking and Governance

Powered by Polygon Supernets CHAIN token holders can now stake their tokens, contributing to network security and governance.

The integration leverages Polygon’s layer-2 solutions to significantly speed up transactions while reducing costs. It also opens up opportunities for CHAIN stakers to validate transactions and earn rewards.

In essence, the partnership aims to boost scalability, increase transaction efficiency, and deepen user engagement by giving token holders a more active role in the ecosystem via a utility driven design methodology.

Web3 Gaming SDK

By utilizing the Chain Games SDK, developers can harness the power of blockchain technology and integrate Web3 gaming functionalities into their applications.
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Our Team

Meet The Team

We have built an executive and advisory team with extensive experience in the gaming, blockchain, and enterprise space with team members hailing from Take Two Interactive, Sony, Microsoft, PopCap Games, Lucas Arts, Atari, Intel, GoDaddy, TrustSwap, Decentraweb, Bad Crypto Podcast and others.
David Rosenbaum
Arman Mouhibian
Chief Financial Officer
Peter Gleason
Minority Shareholder
Chris Drews
Legal Counsel
Josh Loveridge
Kyle Simpson